COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The first marijuana dispensary in the Columbus area is set to open next week.

Terrasana plans to open four retail outlets for medical marijuana in the weeks ahead. The first will open next Tuesday at 656 Grandview Ave.

Owner and Chief Medical Officer Dr. William Kedia said Terasana will offer single units of marijuana flower for about $40 per unit.

He said that’s about 20 percent less than the opening prices at other retail outlets across the state.

Beyond price, Kedia says his expertise as a physician will be another thing that will set Terrasana apart.

“Being a physician, my goal is to treat the medical condition and I fully believe that based on the strain, based on the condition, that there is a therapeutic benefit to using cannabis and cannabis-related products,” Kedia said. “I’m hoping that the state finds its way to add more qualifying medical conditions to the list that we can start treating people not just for PTSD for example but for depression and anxiety.”

Terrasana also plans to retail dispensaries in Cleveland, Fremont and Springfield.

The Columbus store is located on Grandview Avenue just off I-670.

With the addition of the Terrasana retail outlets, there will be a total of 12 medical marijuana dispensaries with certificates of operation.