LIBERTY TOWNSHIP (WCMH)- As many as 18 firefighters and paramedics with the Liberty Township Fire Department could lose their jobs under a cost-cutting move being considered by Township Trustees.

Trustees will meet Monday, Dec. 3, and talk about a plan to eliminate EMS services and rely instead on Delaware County paramedics.

On Sunday, concerned residents of Liberty Township and Powell staged two rallies opposing the plan.

“Changing the county EMS reduces our level of service because we don’t have the same amount of firefighters which effects all operations of the Liberty Township fire department we’re fire-based EMS so it’s the most effective model out there and we do it all and if we switch the county EMS then we don’t have that same amount of firefighters on duty to serve our residents our 30,000 residents who support fire-based EMS this is what they want this is what they asked for,” said Scott Simmons, Liberty Township Union President.

NBC4 reached out to all trustees and heard back from one of them. Shyra Eichorn told NBC4 she does not see any cost-savings to the proposal, just the loss of firefighters who are also cross-trained as paramedics.