COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — There is a number of items to review this time of year to make sure your situation is up to snuff.

Wayne Brown with Dugan Brown explains to check on your credit report annually.

“Sometimes people go years without looking at their credit reports and we always advise against that,” he said. “You may have debts popping up on your credit report that you are not responsible for.”

That in turn can ding your credit.

You can check your credit report for free annually at Free Credit Report. The three reporting agencies are Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian. A good rule of thumb is to check one agency every four months. If you see something awry on one, you can automatically check the others to head off any issues.

Keeping tabs on your credit report helps you make sure that your information is correct, and that nobody else is using your name. This does a number of things, from protecting your identity to making sure the correct info is there.

Items to review annually

  • Credit Report
  • Will and Testament
  • Insurance
  • Social Security

“We speak with clients all the time who didn’t take their ex-spouse off their will,” Brown said.

When it comes to Social Security, be sure to make sure that your earnings are correct. You can request an SSI statement here.

“Social Security Office considers you the responsible party for making sure your earnings are correctly accounted for,” said Brown.

If it is underaccounted for, you could not receive what you invested into the account.

When it comes to insurance, this can be an all-encompassing review from vehicle, liability, to life insurance. Make sure you are not over or underinsured in various portions of your expenses.