JEFFERSONVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) – Honda and LG Energy Solutions are planning on investing several billions of dollars in Fayette County after announcing Tuesday the construction of a $3.5 billion joint venture battery plant.

It’s another example of a big investment on its way to a small Ohio town.

Jeffersonville residents said they are excited about the plant, hopeful it will bring a boost to businesses in the area.

For a little more than 20 years, Marty Barker has co-owned Don and Marty’s Corner Pizza in Jeffersonville. The restaurant is on Main Street, a street and area she said has been much quieter since 2008.

“We lost this, we lost that, we continued on but a lot of other ones didn’t, and it kind of went dead,” she said.

The pizza place is just a few miles from I-71 and U.S. Route 35 where Honda and LG Energy Solutions will build the battery plant. Barker is feeling hopeful after hearing about the announcement made at the statehouse Tuesday.

“We just need our little town ramped up,” she said.

David Morrow is hopeful, too. He’s lived in Jeffersonville for most of his life.

“I’m just very optimistic for our whole community, this whole part of the state, not just Jeffersonville,” he said.

Also in Fayette County, not far from where Honda and LG plan to set up, is Washington Court House, where Dr. Tom Bailey serves as superintendent for Washington Court House City Schools.

“Just really thrilled for my students and for all the students of the county,” he said. “Even though this facility will not sit in the Washington Court House City School District proper, our students will certainly benefit from increased opportunity.”

Construction is planned to begin in 2023, bringing with it 2,200 new jobs, the companies said.

Barker hopes it means more food orders.

“That’ll be a good thing, too,” she said. “It’s just this little town’s always needed something, you know what I’m saying? Just need something to get it to come back to life.”

Mass production at the plant is scheduled to begin in 2025.