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Family reunited with dog lost on July 4

The Franklin County Dog Shelter took in 90 dogs that went missing over the 4th of July.

Monday was the last day to claim your missing dog.

Julio Gayosso visited the shelter three times before she found Estrella Monday shouting in pure happiness as he saw her inside the cage.

"Ah I think that's her I think that's her Estrela!! Estrela Yes! Oh yes I find you that's my dog!" said Gayosso. "Our dog ran away on July 4th because of the fireworks and I think one of my kids opened the door and we've been looking for her since last week."

He's been searching for her ever since. His family made posters and went to neighbors and businesses to try to find her.

The shelter says the Chihuahua was brought in on Saturday in a blanket by a woman who says she found her.

Gayosso says next year they will make sure they are more careful with Estrella during the 4th of July when fireworks are going off. They have had her for 7 years.

"I was so sad but right now I'm so happy. I'm so happy very excited," said Gayosso. "She means a lot to our family she's part of our family. My kids you know they love her they play with her all the time that's why we're so happy. She's not just a dog she's part of our family."

Monday at 7pm was the last day to claim a lost dog from the 4th of July. The shelter will reopen Tuesday at 11am and that's when most of those dogs will be up for adoption.


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