COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A new October survey claims to have settled the dispute about which season is the best, at least in the U.S.

Morning Consult asked 2,120 U.S. adults about which season they liked the best. Their resounding response chose fall. Morning Consult then further segmented those adults into multiple demographics, including by gender, generation and region.

This survey, conducted between Oct. 10 and 11, had a 2% margin of error. Each responding group's fall favorability blew past the margin to set it as the clear winner. However, Morning Consult's survey specifically asked adults, meaning a younger audience could have a different opinion.

Some groups in particular especially like the autumn season as well. It ranked the highest among women in general, followed by Gen Xers, people in the Midwest and then people in the South. An interesting trend in the answers also showed peoples' opinions of winter decline with age. Gen Zers had the highest preference for the snowy season at 24%, but each older generation had less and less preference for it, ending with Baby boomers at 4%.

When Morning Consult asked fall fans to explain why they liked the season, they gave a myriad of answers:

  • The top-ranking answer, which 63% of fall lovers gave in their response, was because of the fall foliage, or changing leaf colors.
  • Thanksgiving followed closely behind at 58%.
  • Fall weather came in third at 56%.
  • Fall-inspired food was an answer from 50% of respondents, but only 32% added fall-inspired drinks.
  • Less than 50% included other reasons like fall clothing, Halloween and football in their answer.
  • Back to school was the least-included reason at 12%.

Fall is also a prime time for companies to advertise to U.S. customers. A follow-up question by Morning Consult saw 55% of its survey group say they were interested in fall-themed content on social media from brands.