COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – After ordering COVID-19 vaccine card holders, a central Ohio woman got a surprise in the mail. When the card holders came in the mail about a month after she ordered them, they also came with fake COVID-19 vaccine cards.

“I was mad,” said Katie Logan.

Usually, Logan is behind the scenes helping schedule news interviews with doctors at OhioHealth. Her own experience getting the fake vaccine cards is serving as a reminder to others. At a quick glance the blank fake cards look normal. However, instead of, “MI” for middle initial, they have M1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) logo is a bit faded and the cards feel different than real COVID-19 vaccine cards, according to Logan.

“Once you inspect it up close you can definitely tell there are some discrepancies,” said Logan.

Vaccine providers should be the only ones distributing cards to patients and the cards should be filled out. Logan wrote void on the cards and shredded them.

Suspicious activity about fake cards can also be reported to the F.B.I. and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General.

“In my job I’ve been so immersed in COVID work for the last 15 months and now the importance of vaccination, that the thought people would walk around with fake vaccine cards is just, I thought it was really disgusting,” said Logan.

A public service announcement from the F.B.I. says making or buying fake COVID-19 vaccine cards endangers yourself and others, and breaks the law. It explains unauthorized use of the CDC logo is a crime. There are people wanting to live like they’ve gotten the vaccine without getting it, according to Dr. Joseph Gastaldo, an infectious disease expert with OhioHealth. That’s part of the reason he says he’s not surprised fake cards are out there.

They’re out there but, it’s not in the spirit of who we are as Americans. It’s deceitful, it’s illegal and its potentially dangerous to individuals,” said Dr. Gastaldo.

NBC4 is not including the name where the card holders and fake cards came from as to not essentially give instructions on how to get a fake card. NBC4 has reached out to the company for a statement but has not heard back.