BALTIMORE, Ohio (WCMH) — Severe storms ripped through most of Central Ohio on Tuesday, leaving several homes and structures badly damaged.

“The damage came from that way,” said Marie Jones, a homeowner in Baltimore.

Jones witnessed a hailstorm from her back porch, saying the hail’s size was nearly that of a golf ball.

It left holes across the siding of her house and roof, leaving thousands of dollars in damage.

While she’s grateful that insurance will cover it, the experience has left her shaken.

“The sounds was like a tin roof, a metal roof, and it just beat, and beat, and beat, like it was never going to stop,” said Jones.

Over at the Fairfield County Emergency Management Agency, they’re working to assess the damage to homes and businesses.

“Had a lot of reports of hail, and that’s ultimately what we saw was the biggest damage maker,” said Jon Kochis, director of the Fairfield County EMA.

Kochis says they’re encouraging residents to contact insurance and stay alert for any fallen power lines or flood damage.

As the county now prepares to clean up from this storm.

“It’s going to be probably pretty significant on the insurance side, because of the amount of homes that were impacted across a really long area,” said Kochis.