BLOOM TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WCMH) — Two dachshunds are back with their owners after they found their way into a drainage pipe in Bloom Township, Fairfield County.

According to a post from the Bloom Township Fire Department, a homeowner called the department Saturday at approximately 10 p.m. saying two dogs were stuck in a storm drain.

When firefighters arrived, they found the dogs were stuck in a section of field tile, a buried pipe that drains farm fields. Firefighters estimated the pipe to be about eight inches in diameter and that the dogs were about 100 feet away from the pipe’s opening.

By hand, firefighters dug about 75 feet away from the opening and removed a section of the pipe. While firefighters couldn’t see the dogs, they were able to locate the dachshunds when the dogs started barking.

When crews realized they would not be able to dig the dogs out by hand, they enlisted the services of a nearby farmer and his backhoe.

One of the dogs made its way out of the pipe when the backhoe arrived. Using the backhoe, firefighters estimated where the second dog was and started digging.

With the hole dug, firefighters removed a large section of the pipe and were able to rescue the second dog.

The fire department said the rescue took about two hours.

“Both dogs were uninjured and other than slightly scared were no worse for the wear,” the fire department posted.