COLUMBUS (WCMH) — As the Ohio Board of Nursing considers taking disciplinary action against more than two dozens nurses for their alleged roles in the administration of potentially excessive doses of pain medicine at Mount Carmel West and Mount Carmel St. Ann’s, attorneys continue to gather expert testimony.

Sarah Blowers, a Certified Nurse Practitioner from the Cleveland area, answered questions from the state’s attorneys and those for eight of the nurses, on Wednesday.

She gave her opinion of one of the nurse’s actions as it pertains to how he is reported to have administered various medications, ordered by Dr. William Husel for several patients.

Blowers said the nurse failed to follow the state’s established standard of care. She continued by stating that he failed to adhere to his obligation of questioning the doctor’s order and not administering it.

“He should have questioned the order and it [the order and administration of fentanyl] was potentially harmful,” Blowers said, of one case from December 2017.

The expert testimony will be used in the administrative hearings, scheduled to begin next month, from which the nurses may receive reprimands, suspensions or permanent revocations of their licenses.

Last year, Husel was arrested and charged with 25 counts of murder. He is accused of ordering at least 500 micrograms of fentanyl for the 25 patients, for which he’s charged.

None of the nurses, allegedly involved in those cases, have been criminally charged.

Expert testimony, ahead of the administrative hearings, is expected to last for several days.

The state is expected to question two witnesses, over the next several days. Attorneys for the eight nurses are expected to call their sole witness, next week.