COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A friend and family member of Emily Noble are reliving the pain of her death after Dateline NBC aired a 2-hour episode about Emily’s death Friday.

“She would go out of her way to make people feel special. And she was like that her whole life,” said Emily’s sister-in-law Dawn Hoover-Noble.

Emily died in 2020 after she disappeared the day after celebrating her birthday in May. Her husband Matt Moore, ultimately charged, tried and found not guilty of her murder.

Something Hoover-Noble said is difficult, “Getting beyond realizing that no one is going to be held accountable for her death. We’ve all just gotten to the point where we have to go on. Because we can’t let this kind of a thing drag your entire life down because that is not what Emily would want.”

Dateline producers were at the trial. They spoke to family and friends like Dawn and Tonda Van Allen.

 “We talked to Dateline a little bit while the trial was going on. And I know they were interested in more than what was going on in the courtroom,” said Van Allen.

They asked Hoover-Noble to interview. 

“I just decided not to do it. Because, I think everything that’s already been said, that’s not all there is to know, however, can’t expound on that…because it doesn’t change anything. I decided not to do the interview. And the rest of the family didn’t want to do the interview either, which I know seems kind of odd. But the rehashing isn’t going to change anything,” Hoover-Noble said.

NBC4 asked what they expected from the Dateline special. 

“What people see tonight is just probably going to be more of the same. I expect more of the same, that we’ve come to expect, from the husband,” Hoover-Noble said.

Both women said they didn’t want to watch, but would end up watching anyway. So, NBC4 checked in with Van Allen during the episode. She took note of Moore’s demeanor during Dateline. 

“First off, no emotion. You’re talking about your wife that you loved so much and he doesn’t even get choked up talking about it. Not even about his son’s death,” Van Allen said. “He kept saying she’s had enough. She had enough of what? If he’s saying they had a great relationship and a good marriage, then what was she having enough of.”

After what the family and friends have dealt with for the last three plus years, they still share an opinion.

“I don’t think the court proved him innocent by any means,” Van Allen said. “I think there was not enough evidence to prove him guilty. Emily did not commit suicide. She was murdered by strangulation. And I shouldn’t say anything more than that.”