COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A year after Westerville woman Emily Noble was reported missing, the final autopsy report is not complete.

Her friends wait for the day they will get answers.

Jeff Rosenbloom says he met Emily Noble thirty years ago, when he lived at the Tivoli apartments. He says he mourns her loss every day, particularly in the months after searchers found her body.

“I’m at the pool, and she just comes over and goes ‘hi, I’m Emily.’ She was just very engaging. Every time I talked with her, you never knew what was going to come out of her mouth. Unpredictable, independent, and while I’m talking with her she would engage people…she loved working with the elderly. She almost relished in that.

“We’d be sitting at the pool and she’d talk with an elderly lady and she’d be going, ‘How are you doing? How’s your leg doing?’ and she would know all these details. Where most of us might not do that. It made you realize how much you need to be selfless. That’s what I loved about her. Just selfless,” Rosenbloom said.

After the death of Noble’s first husband, Rosenbloom says that Emily Noble looked for a new place to live. She moved into The Continent where they were giving away money to residents in a monthly draw.

“They were giving away money every month to one resident, and she won it, and she took the money and gave it away to someone else. I said ‘you could use the money,’ and she said ‘no, I want to give it to someone else who needs it.'”

Noble’s defining quality was selflessness, remembered Rosenbloom. “She was just a one-in-a-million person, and I think that’s why this weekend is so special. It’s a memory of all the things we loved about her, and that we want to carry on for her… She loved so many other people instead of thinking about herself, that in turn made more people want to love her.”

When NBC4 asked whether her caring, selfless side was her downfall, Rosenbloom said: “That remains to be seen.”

The long wait for answers is difficult, says Rosenbloom: “tough, frustrating…we want to know the truth. No-one ever thought this would happen to her. Nobody. She was a such strong woman. That you just always felt she would be ok because she knew how to take care of herself. For this to happen to her, it’s been extremely tough. It’s been devastating. but it makes us all appreciate our lives and how precious they are. It’s been frustrating and sad…we’re eager. We just want to know.”

The last picture Emily Noble posted on social media was of flags set out for Memorial Day weekend. This weekend Rosenbloom posted the same field of flags on the Remembering Emily Noble page.

“The last picture she posted was on her birthday, where she was walking between flags at this park for Memorial Weekend…the flags are here every year at this park…we will never see her walking in those flags. It’s a realization that she’s gone. It’s hard to believe it,” Rosenbloom said.

Rosenbloom wrote a song for emily on YouTube. Each word of the lyrics, he says, describes her character. Remembering Emily Noble page will soon be creating t-shirts in her memory, to raise money for a charity she loved.

Westerville Police Department said in a statement: “WPD is considering the investigation ongoing and awaiting a final report on the autopsy.”

Delaware County Prosecutor told NBC4 it has “no updates at this time.”

A lawsuit has been filed in Delaware County Courts in regards to Noble’s estate.

Noble’s Abbeycross Lane condo was titled solely in her name. NBC4 is not naming her husband as no criminal charges have been filed. The couple was married in August 2018.