COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Eight days away from an election, fewer than 2% of registered voters in some central Ohio counties have taken advantage of early voting opportunities.

A steady stream of voters came through the Franklin County Board of Elections office on Morse Road around lunchtime Monday.

“I was surprised by how many people were here,” said Jane Robinson, who had just finished voting.

Since early voting started in Franklin County October 5, Board of Elections spokesperson Aaron Sellers estimates about 450-500 people per day have come to cast a ballot.

However, ahead of the 2020 presidential election, “We were in that range in an hour’s time, with lines out the door,” Sellers said.

As of Friday, the most recent day for which data is available, just over 7,200 mail-in ballots had been returned in Franklin County, out of more than 20,000 requested, Sellers said. 4,465 votes had been cast in person.

Out of 867,000 registered voters in the county, that’s a 1.3% turnout so far.

Delaware County has so far seen a 1.6% turnout and Licking County’s turnout is 1.5%. That’s roughly half of Fairfield’s voter turnout at this point, which sits just below 3%. More than 5.3% of registered voters in Pickaway County have cast a ballot, according to its Board of Elections.

Sellers said lower turnout is to be expected on non-presidential election years.

“Presidential cycles are — that’s the one that everybody wants to vote in,” Sellers said, adding that he expects voting to gain momentum over the next week.

Voters that spoke with NBC4 Monday said voting is a priority for them, no matter the year.

“What I want to do is just do the right thing, and not just sit there and talk about it,” said Metric Muller. “I want to be involved as well.”

“I spent a little over 30 years in the Air Force, and I think it’s an obligation to vote,” said Mike Robinson, who said he has voted in every election since he was 21 years old.

According to data from the 2020 election, total turnout in Franklin County was more than 72%. To contrast, turn out was just shy of 42% in Franklin County in 2017, the last election during a year following a presidential vote.

Early voting hours are from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. until Friday at your county’s Board of Elections office. Weekend voting hours are also available.