The concert can be watched in the video player below.

DUBLIN, Ohio (WCMH) – World-renowned musicians gathered in Dublin Saturday for a concert to benefit Ukraine.

Arkadiy Gips, a Ukrainian violinist who toured with Madonna for two years, was the focal point of the show taking place at the Dublin Community United Church of Christ.

Gips was joined by the Ukrainian Folk Ensemble, singer Lucy Smirnov, the Columbus International Children’s Choir, pianist Tony Hagood, flutist Cheri Papier, and composer Max Gips. The concert was hosted by Eric Gnezda, a singer-songwriter who hosts Songs at the Center on PBS

Arkadiy Gips said it’s an honor to be able to share this part of his country with central Ohio.

“It’s very old country, with old tradition, with the music, with folk music, with classical music, with very good leadership,” he said before the show.

Arkadiy Gips said Saturday’s performance wasn’t just about entertainment, but rather an encouragement for his Ukrainian family.

“I have relatives in Kyiv, and Ukraine, and situation that we have right now, it’s awful,” he said.

Lisa Bowersock, senior minister at Dublin Community Church, said all contributions from Saturday’s performance will go straight to the humanitarian efforts carried out by Grace Evangelical Church.

“There’s so many things in the news about all the atrocities that are happening in Ukraine, and we just really had a strong desire to do something to help, and the idea of a concert was brought to us,” she said.

As pastor at Grace Evangelical, Viktor Moskayluk said they’ve been working almost non-stop since the war started, collecting, sorting, and shipping food and clothing donations to Ukraine. He said it’s people and music like this that help keep those efforts going.

“We are so grateful, so grateful for community to come together, and as you’ve seen, it’s regular folks,” Moskayluk said.

To donate to help Ukraine, click here. All proceeds will go to Grace Evangelical Church, which is helping provide food and resources to Ukrainian refugees.