DUBLIN, Ohio (WCMH) — “Shhh!”

Jeanette Paras is about to unveil the latest giant painted pumpkin at her Dublin home.

Paras, who had a smash hit in 2015 with “Trumpkin” — an image that went round the globe — followed it up last year with a massive Baby Yodakin with 10-feet-long ears.

“So over the years they’ve got bigger, bigger and bigger, and this year is the biggest,” Paras said. “Previously biggest pumpkin was Jay Leno, several years ago, topping out at over 500 pounds. This year’s pumpkin is 705 pounds. We are using a forklift to get it from the Garage Mahal to the porch.”

Extreme secrecy surrounded the pumpkin before the big unveil.

“The garage door goes down, and it does not go back up until it’s time to put the display up,” she said.

Paras put paper over the garage windows so that no one can peek in. Not even her grown children knew who this year’s pumpkin would be.

On Monday, Paras announced that Ted LassoKin, a 705-pound, 5-foot-tall pumpkin, is 2021’s celebrity creation.

“I have been pumpkinizing since 1988. And so this is our 34th year with Paras Pumpkins, on the Paras Pumpkins porch. I pumpkinize whoevers, you could say, the hot topic of conversation, or is getting maybe a lot of attention at that time.”

Pumpkins get a holiday makeover at the end of November.

Paras is a two-time “breast cancer thriver,” she said. This year she’s partnering with the Stefanie Spielman Breast Cancer Research Fund and there are links to support this cause on her website.

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