COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Two years ago, Columbus couple Ty Lilly and Martha Channell never would’ve dreamed they’d be growing small plants called microgreens, which are not only full of flavor but also full of nutrients.

“An ounce of our broccoli microgreens is the same as a whole head of broccoli,” said Lilly, co-owner of Seven Acre Farm in Dublin.

These plants aren’t just superfoods; they’re also served super fresh because microgreens are often grown and consumed in the same week, due to their short shelf life.

“When we harvest the greens, we actually get them to the client within a day of harvest, sometimes within the same day,” Lilly said.

“If you go to the grocery store and you buy the packaged lettuce and things, it’s probably a week old before it even hits your refrigerator at home,” said Channell, co-owner of Seven Acre Farm.

As a former soil tester, Channell already had a background in agriculture, while Lilly used to have a career in information technology.

When neither of those jobs worked out, the two of them decided to start their own business called Seven Acre Farm, combining Channell’s talent for gardening with Lilly’s expertise in technology, to grow and deliver microgreens more efficiently.

“There are no days off,” Channell said. “We haven’t had a day off in two years.”

Despite the pandemic resulting them in losing several restaurant clients, they credit the people in their community for going online and buying their product.

“We don’t sell the greens; the greens sell the greens, and we’re super grateful to everyone that bought from us,” Lilly said.

If you’re interested in learning more about these microgreens, you can visit the Seven Acre Farm website.