COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A Dublin woman facing two counts of murder for allegedly killing her husband by shooting him three times while he was sleeping back in 2018 was in court Tuesday.

Detective Jason Murphy of the Dublin police department testified Tuesday during the trial of Holli Osborn.

Murphy was questioned by both the prosecution and the defense about two very specific aspects of this case, gunshot residue and interviews.

Murphy was asked, “Is there a preference for how soon a GSR (gunshot residue) sample is supposed to be taken?,” to which he responded, “As soon as possible.” Murphy added, “GSR evidence is known to be very easily destroyed, so it’s something that is important to gather quickly before it’s destroyed.”

The state asked questions about the gunshot residue test conducted by Murphy.

Osborn’s defense attorney asked if he tested her clothing for gunshot residue, to which he responded by saying he did not.

“Prior to your testing of her hands for gunshot residue, her hands were not bagged in any way,” asked the defense attorney.

Murphy responded no and said she did consent for being tested for gunshot residue.

Murphy was also asked by both the state and defense about the number of people he interviewed in relation to the investigation.

He testified that he spoke to colleagues as well as current and ex-employees at Dr. Christopher Osborn’s practice, saying, “To see if there is anything else that we need to know.”

The prosecutor asked, “And some of these employees are people that have essentially been fired by Dr. Osborn when the practice had transitioned?”

Murphy responded, “Correct.”

The state rested following Murphy’s testimony. The trial will resume Wednesday at 10 a.m.