DUBLIN, Ohio (WCMH) – The Memorial Tournament is back in full swing and Dublin businesses are gearing up for the big crowds. Some local restaurants say this is the best weekend of the year for business.

“It is the busiest weekend of the year no doubt,” Tony Mollica, the Manager of The Bogey Inn said.

The Bogey Inn is a well-known location during The Memorial Tournament. They announced its closing earlier this year but opened back up specifically for this weekend.

“We just felt it was important for the community,” Mollica said. “it’s just been a staple for 40 years.”

Mollica said The Memorial is not just huge for the Bogey, but Dublin as a whole. He said it brings in around 80 thousand people to eat, drink and shop local. The Bogey Inn’s events kicked off Wednesday night with live music, food and drinks. Mollica expects this year to be huge.

“2020 no fans, last year limited fans and this year all the fans we want so we are looking forward to it,” Mollica said. In Historic Dublin — Tucci’s Brand Manager, Michael Sharp, said their sales normally increase by about 30 percent during this week.

“We are seeing a dose of reality back to life where we have a crowded bar again and people are okay to dine inside,” Sharp said. He said the restaurant even set a new business record on Memorial Day.

“We had a significant number of golfers and just people who were working the tournament,” Sharp said.

Oscars in Historic Dublin’s General Manager Joe Wall said they made their average Friday night return on Wednesday night.

“[Wednesday] was already busier than we expected by about 50% and hopefully that continues over the next couple days,” Wall said.

Wall said they typically see a 30% increase in sales as well. Each of the restaurants said they’re ready for the business boom after not seeing as many fans these last few years. Some even increased staffing just to keep up with the demand.