COLUMBUS (WCMH) – A road rage incident ended with racial slurs and police getting involved.

Charles Lovett contacted NBC4 after he said a misunderstanding happened near I-71 and Morse road between him and a man driving a company van.

“He was trying to cross the double. The solid line white line that you’re not supposed to,” said Lovett.

Lovett said that same driver then followed him home and called him the “N-Word” multiple times.  He captured the entire exchange on camera.

“I never would have expected it to happen to me, but the world we live in nowadays,” said Lovett.

NBC4 went to the address that was listed for a business printed on the side of the truck. For now, we have chosen to obscure the name of the business because charges haven’t been filed against the driver of the van.  

Our crew caught up with him.  The man would not give his name, but he was willing to talk on camera.

“I didn’t follow him home. The way I confronted him, I confront him as hey you cut me off,” that man told NBC4’s Rob Sneed.

The man also claims he did not follow Lovett home, though he ended up at the base of Lovett’s driveway. When asked if he regretted calling Lovett “the N-Word”, the man said no.  He also refused to offer up an apology.

“I don’t know if it makes it right or wrong all I can say is I grew up with it and not a big deal for me,” said the man in the van.

A police report was filed, but there are no charges against anyone at this time.