HILLIARD, Ohio (WCMH) — Hilliard police continue to investigate after a semi truck driver was shot at during a parade for President Donald Trump.

The driver of that truck, Bill Masuck, spoke only with NBC4 about the experience.

Masuck served in the Marine Corps and is no stranger to danger. But he says he’s never been shot at until he exercised his first amendment rights right here at home.

Masuck says he was doing what he does every day on Saturday — driving his truck. He was driving on I-270 in Columbus when he came upon the parade for the president.

Masuck said he voted for Trump in 2016 but “definitely won’t be” this year and wanted to make that known.

“I had my thumb down and the lady on the one side shot me a bird, so I shot one back at her,” Masuck said. “The guy in the pickup sped up, cut right in front of me, and kept hitting the brakes.”

What happened next is unclear.

According to police records, the driver of that truck, Todd Crawford of Homer, Ohio, says Masuck tried to hit him with his truck.

Crawford claims when he tried to get Masuck to pull over, Masuck started to enter his lane. Crawford says he shot into the cab of the semi because he feared for his safety.

Masuck told police he did taunt the parade and denies ever hitting Crawford’s vehicle or even trying to do so.

“I thought he was just holding it out the window to scare me,” Masuck said. “He didn’t scare me. He shot it and it went right past me right above my head about five to six inches above my head.”

Crawford turned himself into police the same day charged with felony discharge of a firearm. He was arraigned Tuesday morning where a judge gave him a $250,000 bond and ordered him to stay away from firearms.

Even though Masuck says he could have lost his life in the incident, he doesn’t want it to ruin Crawford’s life.

“He needs to do a little bit of time. I don’t want to see the man do a lot of time,” Masuck said. “He’s probably got a family and everything. It’s just something stupid that he done on his part. I don’t care what I done, you just don’t point a gun at someone and try to kill them and that’s exactly what I thought he was trying to do.”

Crawford will be back in court next Tuesday for a preliminary hearing.

Masuck says from now on he’ll be keeping both hands on the wheel.