You might say that drag queens give new meaning to the term two-faced. 

“My boy name is Kyle Gayle. I’m 29-years-old and my drag name is Selena T. West,” said a Columbus drag performer and relative of drag royalty Nina West. 

‘My drag mother is Virginia West and my drag sister is Nina West,” said West. 

Now Selena T. West will soon add professor to her list of titles. 

“The class is Drag 101, the building blocks of how to do drag,” she said. 

This summer she’ll teach an hour-long reading class at the Orange Branch of the Delaware County Library system. 

What it isn’t?

“It’s nothing to do with sex or gender identity at all,” said West. 

It’s also not something you’d expect at a library, where it’s causing a level of controversy, according to George Needham, Delaware County District Library Director. 

“This is probably the most controversial program I’ve ever worked with in 40-years,” said Needham. 

He says ‘Drag 101’ is one of about 400 summer programs, 45 of which are for teenagers. 

“A big mission for the library is to encourage lifelong learning, to encourage curiosity and to encourage people to be engaged in the world,” he said. 

Melissa Ackison is a mother of four and Republican Senate Candidate. 

“My first concern was are there background checks for this program and how are they vetting candidates who come in for something like this,” she said. 

Ackison says the class just shouldn’t be offered. 

She questions whether ‘Drag 101’ is an appropriate use of tax dollars or class time for kids. 

Regardless of what side of the issue you’re on or whose heels you’re in, ‘Drag 101’ is unquestionably generating publicity for Delaware County’s Library system. 

“You know if it helps to add to the education of the community, if it helps to add some civil discourse, I’ll take a news crew every week,” said Needham. 

Drag 101 will be held at the Orange Branch of the Delaware County Library system from 2 pm to 3 pm.  on June 5. 

The class is free and no signup or registration is required.