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Dozens of dogs still without owners after 4th of July

COLUMBUS (WCMH) -- After the 4th of July, nearly 90 dogs were lost and taken to the Franklin County Dog Shelter. The shelter says dogs get scared of the loud booms of fireworks and run away.
Now, the shelter is asking for people to come claim their dogs before Monday, and are encouraging those who may have been waiting to adopt to do so, leaving more room for the 60 dogs who have not been claimed.
Sunday was a Mingle With Our Mutts event, and deputy dog warden Devon Mann says it is so important for the dogs to get a good home. 
"I've taken one home myself," he says. "I mean it can be very rewarding, it can be very hard, it's hard to pick up a dog knowing the shelter is full."
Mann says he's been working with the Franklin County Dog Shelter for more than 5 years and has seen so many dogs in and out of the shelter. If he had to guess, he says, it is somewhere in the hundreds--even thousands. 
"Out in the field you start to develop a special connection with a lot of these dogs and the places they come from and the things that you see."
He tells the story of Alex, who was found by Columbus Police. 
"Alex was in terrible condition," Mann says. "He was emaciated, very skinny, anemic, he clearly lived outside for a long period of time. He had fly strike really bad on his ears its when dogs are outside (and) it's hot and flies basically eat the dog's ears."
Visible scars show what Alex went through. He was in foster care through the shelter until he was nursed back to health. He's now up for adoption. Alex is just one of many who have a story behind these cages.
So what's it like to personally see these dogs go to a great home? 
"It's amazing.. any dog that I pick up and interact with in the field I keep track of and see where they're going and what's going on with them so it's very rewarding it's the best part of the job to see a dog go to a family," Mann says. 
Monday is the last day to claim a dog at a shelter if you lost one over the holiday, as they will go up for adoption Tuesday. 
The shelter is open on Monday from 11-7p.m. For a list of dogs up for adoption visit - https://dogadoptions.franklincountyohio.gov/


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