Video courtesy the Licking County Humane Society Facebook page

LICKING COUNTY, Ohio (WCMH) — A hero dog helped rescue an abandoned kitten in Licking County by alerting his owner to the stranded feline.

The dog owner was riding his mountain bike deep in the woods when his GoPro camera recorded the unexpected rescue.

The dog can be seen leading the rider to the base of a tree where the kitten was perched. The human managed to safely pluck the kitten from the tree and transported the tiny creature to the Licking County Humane Society.

The Humane Society believes the kitten was probably dumped in the woods and left to fend for itself.

We’d like to thank the good Samaritan for saving this kitten’s life and contacting us to see if he could bring it into the shelter for care and eventual adoption.

Licking County Humane Society Facebook post

They named the kitten Fuji after the rider’s brand of mountain bike. The Humane Society says Fuji is recuperating well and will be available for adoption soon.