COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Columbus Division of Police released documents Thursday detailing departmental charges filed against five officers as a result of the July 2018 arrest of adult performer Stormy Daniels.

Stephanie Clifford, who performs under the name Stormy Daniels, was arrested in July 2018 during a Vice operation. She was released within hours and all charges were eventually dropped.

Wednesday, the Columbus Division of Police announced departmental charges against five officers involved in the operation.

The five officers facing disciplinary action are:

  • Commander Terry Moore
  • Lt. Ron Kemmerling
  • Sgt. Scott Soha
  • Detective Steven Rosser
  • Detective Whitney Lancaster

According to documents, Commander Moore is accused of nonfeasance by giving tacit approval to the operation at Sirens without giving proper weight to potential negative consequences. He is also accused of not properly supervising personnel in his bureau and not keeping accurate timekeeping records.

Lt. Kemmerling is accused of disregarding division policies and procedures regarding money spent on the operation. Documents state officers spent $760 at Sirens on July 11, when policies require approval for expenses over $500. The charges state Kemmerling’s neglect of duty and ineffective supervision led to operational failures committed by the vice section during the Sirens operation and other strip club investigations.

Sgt. Soha is accused of allowing subordinate officers to make an improper arrest. He is also accused of failing to know the details of Officer Rosser’s activities and failing to take a leadership role in the operation.

Officer Rosser is accused of improperly interviewing Stormy Daniels while she was in the prisoner compartment of a transport vehicle. Documents also state he was untruthful during an internal affairs bureau interview when he stated the investigation that resulted in the arrest was centered around an underage dancer named ‘Pearl.’ No dancer named Pearl was mentioned by any other Vice Section officer.

Officer Lancaster is accused of conducting surveillance at Sirens without documentation and failing to submit accurate timekeeping records on several occasions. He is also accused of failing to take action when witnessing one employee give another employee suspected cocaine.

The charges against Lancaster point out that while Stormy Daniels was arrested and booked, in all other previous strip club operations, the suspects were either released on a summons or charged at a later time.

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