COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A former Ohio State University Director of Student Health Services, who testified he had knowledge of complaints against Dr. Richard Strauss, but failed to act on them has surrendered his medical license.

The State Medical Board of Ohio voted Wednesday to accept the permanent surrender of Dr. Ted W. Grace’s medical license.

Dr. Grace served as OSU Director of Student Health Services from August 1992 through 2007.

In July 2020, Dr. Grace was notified by the state medical board that he was under investigation for his handling of allegations of abuse by Dr, Richard Strauss. According to a letter sent by the medical board, Grace testified under oath in March 2020 that he was aware of at least three separate complaints against Strauss involving male students and did not report these complaints to the state medical board.

Grace was director while Strauss was employed as one of the physicians at the Student Health Center, where he is alleged to have molested hundreds of male students during his tenure.

Two of the complaints Grace admitted to knowing about occurred in January 1995; the third was one year later, January 1996. Grace testified he had warned Strauss about his behavior, but did not report the complaints to the state. Grace said he suspended Strauss in 1996 and allowed him to retire with emeritus status.

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