DUBLIN, Ohio (WCMH) – The sneezing, coughing, and nose-blowing are everywhere. It’s hard to avoid.

So many now wonder “What is going around?”

Local doctors’ offices are getting so many calls, some are telling people to fight it at home.​

Dr. Ben Bring said the cold symptoms are bothering everyone.

“The nighttime coughing has been driving everyone nuts,” Bring said.

Bring has heard this time and time again from his patients at Ohio Health Dublin Methodist Hospital.​ It’s cold and flu season.

“We have anti-tuss, over the counter, things that help with cough,” he said. “Especially to help you get to sleep at night time.”

Various strands of both the cold and flu have made many feel ill.

​​”It’s hard to know, there are so many viruses out there,” Bring said. “Children’s Hospital, they do nasal swabs to determine what kind of viruses they are. They can run what’s called a PCR. That can tell you what kind of virus it is that’s causing your symptoms.”

But in most cases with adults, doctors don’t test cold viruses.

Bring said it’s best to treat cold symptoms with over-the-counter meds.​ He said some supplements are ok, but most aren’t FDA approved.​ ​

“There’s studies out there that show zinc, early in the course,” he said. “Zinc supplements can actually help. Also, just doing warm tea with honey. A lot of the things you tried.”

However, Bring said no amount of over-the-counter medications or zinc will help with the flu.​

So far, 672 patients have been hospitalized in Ohio due to the flu.​

If you’re experiencing symptoms such as vomiting, fever, and weakness, Bring said get to a doctor.