COLUMBUS (WCMH) — This week, you may see more state troopers on the road as they take part in National School Bus Safety Week.

This year, they are enforcing the theme, “Red Lights Mean STOP” in hopes that students, teachers, parents, and community members practice this effort.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says from 2017 to 2019, there were 3,967 crashes involving school buses reported in Ohio. During that time, five people were killed in five crashes and 1,322 injuries. None of those killed in these crashes was a passenger on a buses.

“Ohio drivers need to watch for school buses — especially when they stop to drop off or pick up our students,” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said. “Working together, we can ensure that school buses remain the safest mode of transportation for students to and from school.”

Also, from 2017 to 2019, troopers cited 1,999 drivers who passed a school bus when they were required to stop.

So as a reminder, Ohioans need to remember when lights school lights are flashing, drivers need to prepare to stop.

“You need to ensure that you’re stopping at least 10 feet back from the school bus to allow the students to load and unload off the bus’s safely,” said Sgt. Nathan E. Dennis of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Troopers will be highly visible all week long to ensure safety for students.