FRANKLIN CO. (WCMH) — A dog is recovering tonight after first responders saved him from an icy pond in the Galloway area on Wednesday. 

A FranklinCounty deputy was the first on the scene when he got the call over his radio that a dog was stuck in a pond. 

When he got there he said he knew he only had minutes to save the pup. 

“I saw the dispatch come in and it was a dog stuck in a frozen lake,” said Lt. Edward Schillg, with the Franklin County Sherriff Department.

Schillg jumped in to action to save the golden retriever, named Jake.

“You have the hole in the ice. And he was out on the edge closest to the shore. And his paws were just hanging on. And he had his head down laying on the ice,” said Schillg.

Schillg, leader of the Franklin County Dive Unit, was the first to respond, along with Prairie Township Fire Department. 

This video here shows them pulling Jake out of the water.

“He was in bad shape. He was pretty lethargic. He wasn’t really kicking, he wasn’t trying to pull himself up. The property owner has a couple of ponds and he feeds ducks so there were a couple of wild dogs that were sitting on the pond. So we assume that the dog went out on the ice to try to play with the ducks,” said Schillg.

Emergency crews wrapped Jake in blankets to keep him warm and gave him an oxygen mask to help him breathe. 

Schillg says he went to visit Jake at the Med Vet in Hilliard later on that night where was surround by family and a new friend.

“You don’t want the dog to be in that situation, but we had a very good outcome. Everyone that showed up just instantly clicked together and was able to get him out. And it’s a good feeling,” said Schillg.

According to Med Vet, Jake has been discharged from their care and is back home with his family.