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Deputies searching for sex offender from Franklin Co. who escaped from KY jail transport

MARTIN COUNTY, KY (WCMH) -- Deputies in Kentucky are searching for a man from here in Franklin County who escaped from a jail transport and stole the vehicle.

According to the Martin County Kentucky Sheriff’s Office, Mark Allen Crouch was being transported by a county jailer to the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center in Johnson County, Kentucky, when he became combative. 

Deputies say Crouch, who was handcuffed at the time, forced the jailer out of the car and stole the vehicle.

Crouch was last seen driving the gray Crown Victoria, with a Martin County jailer sticker on the side, north on U.S. 23.

Court records show Crouch is a registered sex offender here in Ohio, with a residence listed in the 100 block of N. Central Avenue, Columbus. 

Deputies say Crouch could possible be heading back to the Central Ohio area. 


Crouch is described as being 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing approximately 205 pounds. He was last seen wearing shorts, a hat and glasses. 

Crouch has several tattoos including an Ohio State tattoo on his shoulders.    

Anyone who sees Crouch or the vehicle he stole is encouraged to call 911 immediately. 


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