DELAWARE, Ohio (WCMH) — On Sunday, the first big snow of 2023 arrived. It’s been almost a full month since central Ohio’s last significant snowfall which was a snow and ice storm over Christmas weekend that caused hazardous conditions and cancellations.

People in Delaware County, where there is a Level 1 snow emergency, were expecting this return to typical January weather after a month of warm temperatures and lack of precipitation.

Despite thick snowflakes in the air, it was a busy morning and afternoon for the Hamburger Inn in downtown Delaware. “We have dedicated regulars that come in regardless of the weather so we’re very fortunate,” said general manager Tiffany Cook.

“It felt like spring honestly for several days and the flowers are in the stores, so I was ready for it,” Cook added. “So, I guess it’s January, so we have to be ready.”

Speaking of being ready — more than 200 snowplow drivers are tasked with clearing the highways and interstates across the region. “You can expect to see those crews to continue to be out there on the roadways through the overnight hours even into the Monday morning commute,” said ODOT Public Information Officer Brooke Ebersole.

ODOT is tackling the storm with rock salt and are asking people to plan for extra travel time if they have to go out and to take it slow. “When we’re talking about wet roadways we’re talking about the potential for re-freeze,” said Ebersole. “What once was ice can become ice again, so it requires them to patrol out there around the clock — continuing to hit those slick spots with salt.”