DELAWARE, Ohio (WCMH) — A Cleveland-area real estate developer is expanding its footprint in central Ohio by constructing nearly 150 townhomes as part of a more than 270-acre development in northwest Delaware.

Addison Properties is developing 146 townhomes to expand the Addison Farms development north of downtown Delaware by more than 17 acres. The 273-acre development is also set to include 161 single-family homes across more than 60 acres and 280 apartment units across 45 single-story buildings.

“We believe that if we provide a unique product that we can be successful,” said Jason Friedman, CEO of Addison Properties, during a June meeting with the Delaware Planning Commission. “We also believe if we do it right, it will stand out as an excellent part of Addison Farms.”

Plans call for the townhomes to sit north of Merrick Boulevard and west of Heritage Boulevard within 25 four-unit and six-unit buildings. Friedman said the townhomes will be for sale, not rent, and mark the only townhome development planned for Addison Farms.

The two-story and three-story townhomes will sprawl a minimum of 1,200 square feet with a two-car garage. The site will also include 37 overflow parking spaces scattered across five locations.

Design inspiration for the 146 townhomes within the 273-acre Addison Farms development. (Courtesy Photo/Delaware Planning Commission)

“It’s such a great alternative option, it doesn’t exist in Delaware,” said Friedman. “High demand, great price point relative to the new houses that will be built. Just, really excited.”

The planning commission approved the proposal’s preliminary development plan. Next, Friedman and Addison Properties will present a final development plan for approval consideration. View the full proposal here.