DELAWARE, Ohio (WCMH) — A central Ohio luxury real estate developer is constructing nearly 100 homes as part of a more than 400-acre subdivision in southern Delaware.

Romanelli & Hughes is constructing 97 single-family homes to continue building out the 473-acre Terra Alta development north of Braumiller Road and west of Berlin Station Road. The Delaware Planning Commission approved the developer’s final plan for the site on Aug. 2, which now heads to city council before construction begins.

The plan calls for 43 homes to be built on 27.2 acres, section six of the development, at Bucine Court and Pisa Road, and 54 home on 21.2 acres, section nine, at Elba, Mazzolla and Volterra courts and Stockdale Farms Drive. Ranch homes would span a minimum of 1,800 square feet and two-story homes a minimum of 2,000 square feet, each on lots at least 9,100 square feet.

Terra Alta, with a collective 870 homes, has about 179 acres of open green space, with sections six and nine housing more than 14 acres of parkland. Section six would contain a 10-acre conservation easement featuring an 8-foot multi-use path connecting to the greater path network to the Preservation Park. Section nine would have 0.806 acres of open space.

The Westerville-based developer’s subdivision comes as another multi-phased development is also taking shape in Delaware. The 273-acre Addison Farms north of downtown Delaware is set to include the “Four Seasons at Addison Farms” with two clusters of homes, 49 single-family homes on 29 acres and 45 single-family homes on 11 acres, and a residents-only clubhouse with a swimming pool, dog park, shuffleboard area, fire pit and pickleball courts.

Addison Properties is also constructing 67 single-family homes on 22 acres, also with a residents-only 4,200-square-foot clubhouse on the site, complete with a pool, a playground and event spaces available for rent. In addition, 146 townhomes are set to expand the property by 17 acres. The two-story and three-story townhomes will sprawl a minimum of 1,200 square feet with a two-car garage.

Most recently, a 50-acre complex housing 280 apartment units across 45 single was approved by the planning commission for the Addison Farms development.

The Delaware Planning Commission meets about once a month, watch previous meetings here. View Romanelli & Hughes’ full Terra Alta proposal here.