GENOA TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WCMH) — The first stop signs deemed unwarranted by the Delaware County Engineer’s Office in Genoa Township will be taken down Friday as required by law.

The intersections where the signs will be removed are:

  • St. Andrews Drive at Frasier Road
  • Somerset Avenue at Gainey Court and Annandale Court
  • Hilmar Drive at Grisham Street
  • Hilmar Drive at Pine Hollow Drive
  • Spring Run Drive at Dunaway Lane

The ones at Hilmar Drive at Grisham Street will be the first to come down, and a rapid flashing beacon is already installed. But some residents feel that is not enough.

“We can’t just get rid of the stop signs,” said Mike Fisher, a Genoa Township resident. “There’s going to be people just zooming through here, especially without a stop sign, it’s more dangerous for the kids.”

Renee Vaughan, who serves on the Genoa Township Board of Trustees, said residents have made their concerns well known.

“The biggest concern that we have seen is safety, and so that is our biggest priority, and why we decided to install the rapid flashing beacons,” says Vaughan. “The rapid flashing beacon is what the residents have chosen as their top choice as a replacement.”

Alcott Elementary is near the Hilmar Grisham intersection, which has worried residents, but Vaughan said they are prepared — and that they informed the school ahead of time.

“The hope is that the school district will also help educate students on how to use the rapid flashing beacons,” Vaughan said. “Especially for parents of small children, to teach them how to use the rapid flashing beacons.”

But Fisher said he wishes it could be different. “People can take two seconds out of their day to stop and save some lives you know what I mean?” Fisher said.

Four more rapid flashing beacons need to be installed — the parts for those were on back order, but those locations will have beacons in place by May 10.