DELAWARE, Ohio (WCMH) — New development is beginning in Delaware, including the expansion of a nine-acre business park and the construction of a more than 400,000-square-foot distribution center.

Pittsburgh Drive Business Park

Spanning 9.1 acres, the Pittsburgh Drive Business Park is under construction at 1751 Pittsburgh Dr., directly north of the county airport and an eight-minute drive from downtown Delaware.

The park is set to feature four buildings totaling 84,000 square feet of office and warehouse space. The multi-tenant buildings will be home to units ranging from 1,800 square feet to 24,000 square feet and are available for leasing through RJ Boll Realty.

The site of the upcoming Pittsburgh Drive Business Park. (Courtesy Photo/Delaware County Auditor’s Office)

Dublin Building Systems, a local construction company, is nearing completion of the first building with the entire park expected to be finished this fall. Still, additional construction is on the way as the Delaware Planning Commission approved a final development plan on April 5 for a 255,947-square-foot building to be built on 20.89 acres directly west of the four multi-tenant buildings.

The fifth building will stand about 40 feet high with 179 parking spaces, 131 spaces for cars and 48 spaces for trucks. However, the zoning code outlines at least 259 parking spaces must be built given the building’s square footage. The proposal states developers are allocating land for an additional 130 parking spaces to be added if needed for a total of 261 spaces.

Tenants had not yet been selected for the buildings when the proposal was approved by the commission. View the entire proposal here.

Inno-Pak Distribution Center

Inno-Pak, a packaging company, also received approval from the Delaware Planning Commission on April 5 to construct a distribution center on 33 acres south of Pittsburgh Drive Business Park and the county airport.

The 421,200-square-foot structure will sit to the west of Inno-Pak’s new 202,000-square-foot headquarters at 100 Founders Ct. The company moved from its previous 54,000-square-foot building on Pittsburgh Drive earlier this spring.

The site of Inno-Pak’s new distribution center. (Courtesy Photo/Delaware County Auditor’s Office)

The building will stand about 42 feet high with a 97-space parking lot south of the building. However, like the fifth building to be built at Pittsburgh Drive Business Park, the developers are allocating land for additional parking spaces to be added if needed.

The zoning code outlines at least 442 parking spaces must be built given the building’s square footage. Developers were granted a 30% reduction of parking space requirements by the commission, decreasing the minimum to 310 spaces. Land has been allocated to the north and south of the building where the additional 213 spaces can be added.

The new building will replace the company’s current facility at 9224 Intermodal Ct. View the entire proposal here.