Weddings are a day that people dream about. For many, it’s a dream they simply can’t afford. Thanks to one local woman’s idea, people can now design and decorate the day they have all dreamed of.

“God just said to me, listen. Love my children and steward what I give to you.” It’s this, that prompted Christina Jay to start the Decorations ministry, which is donated decorations to people who need them.

“Everything they borrow, everything they use, is of no cost to them at all and that’s the whole point. To help people have the event of their dream that they can’t afford to have.”

She has decorations for weddings, birthdays, bridal and baby showers. “Anything you can think of, I am telling you, I have [it] down here.” What started as a project in the corner of her basement has now taken up 700 square feet and two rooms. 

“Honestly, I just thought I was going to give them some table-cloths, candles and maybe some chaffing dishes.” Now she is mentoring, helping design, and providing more than what people could hope for. “On average, what I sent out per wedding averages out to be between $500 and to $1,000 per person in retail value.”

In just one year, she has done 53 events. The journey has not always been easy, and things aren’t always returned how they were checked out. Now events are being rescheduled due to the pandemic and business is getting busier.  

“I average 3 to 4 events every week weekend,” she said.  “I need to be sure that everything is clean[ed] and sanitized before it goes out to the next person.” Jay does it almost entirely alone. It’s a true labor of love with help that she says comes from above. “In this time, so many people have been let down and disappointed and right now the dynamics of our world has such a negative connotation.”

As she leads this ministry, she hopes that others will start their own and take care of people the way she has been taken care of.

“I know what it’s like to not have…and to lose lots of things. Not just physical earthly things, but people. God has blessed me with an abundance, and I want to share that because my life hasn’t always been like this.”

If you are interested in helping Jay, if you want to start your own decorations ministry or if you need help with decorating your event visit Decorations Ministry on Facebook.