COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Vaccine hesitancy remains a major concern for local medical experts who are encouraging the public to register when it’s their time to roll up their sleeves.  

According to those experts, myths surrounding COVID-19 are likely preventing many people from feeling comfortable in doing so.  

“We have to dispel the myths,” warns Columbus Health Commissioner Dr. Mysheika Roberts. 

However, the internet and digital platforms like Facebook and Twitter, are helping misinformation spread quicker than the virus itself. 

“We have to work with trying to make sure that when someone tells them something that they read on a blog or saw on social media that’s not accurate, they can stand up and say, that’s not accurate,” says Dr. Roberts. 

For the top health expert in Columbus, what are the biggest COVID-19 myths? 

“This vaccine is not a live virus so it’s not going to give you COVID-19,” Dr. Roberts ensures.  

Despite what you might read on the internet, according to Dr. Roberts, the vaccine doesn’t contain any meat products, human remains, or fetal products. 

It also won’t cause infertility. 

“There are some people who think that it will make a woman sterile. There is no truth or validity to that,” adds Dr. Roberts. 

Among the biggest myths is a tiny component within the vaccine. 

“There are nano-parts in it, nano-proteins. Those are really small proteins to help the vaccine get into the cells it needs to get into. “It’s not nano-technology, it does not track you,” Dr. Roberts explains. “If the government wanted to track you, they’d use your smart phone.” 

Dr. Roberts says that if more people in our population aren’t vaccinated quickly, it will give the new variants more opportunity to grow and develop in the community.