COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Mifflin High School junior Damon Aubrey became the first bowler in school history to roll a perfect 300 back in December.

Damon began bowling at five years old and fell in love with the sport by playing with his dad and uncle.

At 16 years old, his average score is an impressive 214. But on that December night he had ice in his veins.

“The pressure kind of like fueled me,” Damon said. “Some people don’t like pressure. I like pressure in certain moments. I was fine. I was in a zone. I wasn’t even thinking about it. I just wanted to keep striking.”

As the strikes kept coming, no one wanted to jinx Damon.

“When he got to his sixth [strike] in a row, I told all the guys turn your back, don’t even look over there,” Mifflin bowling coach William Marshall said.

The Mifflin bowling team didn’t watch, and no one in attendance filmed it, just to avoid the jinx.

“It was so hard not to peek cause I wanted to see but I stayed out the way too. He had to tell me he rolled a 300,” Marshall said.

“I didn’t actually think this was real. I thought it was a dream,” Damon said. “It was unbelievable cause I’m only 16. I didn’t think I would get it when I was 16.”

But his dad, Dwight, said he knew Damon was capable of rolling a perfect game. He even remembers the first time an 11-year-old Damon beat him.

“Oh yeah he wouldn’t let me live it down. I mean he called his mother on the phone and showed the score and everything,” Dwight Aubrey said laughing. “He was like ‘I did it! I beat him! I beat him!'”

Damon beats just about everyone he faces now, but is also focused on making his teammates better.

“His journey is predicated on how he helps the others,” Marshall said. “He’s a better coach than a bowler . . . When the other guys bowl well I think he’s more excited for them than he is himself.”

Damon plans to study to be a pediatric nurse in college and find a school that has a bowling team.

“I still love it like it’s brand new to me. I always try to challenge myself to do better like have new goals because of course the 300 was my main goal. That’s the best thing you could do as a bowler really,” Damon said laughing. “Now, I just try to see ‘Oh what’s next for me?’ What can I do to improve, get better and just have fun?”