COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Former Columbus police officer Adam Coy was released from jail Tuesday after a Franklin County judge lowered his bond to $1 million.

Coy is charged with murder and felonious assault for the shooting death of Andre’ Hill. His bond was originally set Friday at $3 million.

Coy’s attorneys were seeking a bond no higher than $400,000.

“All across the country, the bonds go anywhere from 75 thousand — the lowest we found in police shooting cases — to 1 million the highest,” attorney Mark Collins said. “So now in Franklin County, we’re three times higher than any other bond in the nation in relation to an on-duty police shooting.”

The state Attorney General’s office argued that the possibility of a life sentence may give different ideas to someone who would not ordinarily flee. The Attorney General’s office asked for high bond.

Video released Monday by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office shows Coy being walked into the jail in handcuffs after his indictment Wednesday.

If convicted of murder for the shooting death of Hill, Coy could face up to life in prison. Coy fatally shot Hill during an encounter in a Columbus driveway in December.