COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — “Tutankhamen: His Tomb and His Treasures” is officially open and there is so much to learn about King Tut and the thousands of items found inside his tomb.

One common theme throughout is the scarab beetle and NBC4’s Monica Day stopped by COSI to talk about the beetle with Laurie Miller, the senior manager of living collections. Monica also got a chance to meet one of the fan favorites from the living collection, a Chilean rose hair tarantula named R2-D2.

Many of us have heard of King Tut but don’t know his story very well. At COSI, visitors get a unique opportunity to learn about the boy king and see replicas of artifacts found in his ancient tomb.

The exhibit starts with Dr. Howard Carter discovering the tomb over 100 years ago in late 1922. It takes you through what Dr. Carter and his team saw and experienced during that time.

“Individuals will be able to come to COSI and see what the tomb would have looked like at the time of that discovery and get really close and personal with those objects,” says Josh Sarver, the vice president of experiences at COSI.

Inside of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt, Dr. Carter found the boy’s mummy and things that he valued in his short life, like a chariot, sandals, and even an ancient board game.

“There are over a thousand artifacts in here and it comes with an audio tour. It is a very, very unique experience here at COSI because this isn’t something that you see every day, even in museums around the country,” says Kristy Williams, the director of communications at COSI.

The artifacts are out in the open rather than hidden behind glass. Williams says this was done on purpose so visitors can get the full experience of King Tut’s tomb. “The real artifacts from the exhibit are in Cairo, Egypt, and they can’t be seen by anybody,” says Williams. “These are replicas, but they are done very artfully by Egyptian experts.”

This is the only exhibit of its kind in the U.S., and it’s extra special with it being 100 years since the tomb’s discovery. COSI staff hope people of all ages can experience what it was like for Dr. Carter and his team when they discovered King Tut’s ancient tomb.

“The moment he found that tomb, the staircase that led him down to it, when he opened up a small hole in that doorway, reached inside with a small candle of lumination and saw wondrous things on the inside, you are going to experience that first hand,” says Sarver.

You can learn more about COSI by visiting You can also reserve your tickets to the King Tut exhibition now. Tickets are separate from general admission.