COSHOCTON, Ohio (WCMH) — The mother of Georjlyn Hayes, a TikToker with over 10,000 followers, said that her daughter has been found safe by Columbus police.

Brenda Hayes was desperate to get a message from her 20-year-old daughter after Georjlyn posted a video to TikTok begging for help.

Hayes was so worried, she filed a missing person’s report with the Coshocton County Sheriff last week. Hayes told NBC4 that her daughter had been missing since July 12.

Georjlyn searched for Sammy Walters, and then they searched for her

Lena Wilson, founder of Golden Hearts, a Voice 4 the Voiceless, re-directed her team to search for Georjlyn. Coincidentally, the two had a personal connection.

Georjlyn had helped Wilson four years ago to discover the body of Sammy Walters, working daily and wading through poison ivy in the search for him as part of Golden Hearts.

“Saturday morning, after tips began flowing in the night before, Georjlyn was located by law enforcement in the Columbus area,” Wilson said. “We are elated her missing persons case had great public reaction, and could result in her family having peace of mind.”

Return to search for Roush and Willis

“She’s physically safe,” Wilson said. “We don’t see enough of ‘found alive’ and her being found as so, is a great moment of relief. Most cases of missing persons end up going into cold cases.

“We truly believe in going above and beyond for the missing by giving them voice in the public eye, and building armies for each one to bring them home, and stop families’ agony so there’s closure.”

Golden Hearts, a Voice 4 the Voiceless will now return to the searches for Koby Roush and Raymont Willis, Wilson told NBC4.