JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WCMH) – Repairs to get power back to central Ohio are underway, but in some parts of the state, the wait could be several more days.

Coshocton County’s power isn’t expected to fully return until at least Saturday night at 11.

Jennifer Smailes lives in Jackson Township and has been relying on her generator since Monday. Power is out at her house and there are power lines down across her backyard.

“Well, you just learn to make do,” she said. “We have a grill in the back so we’re able to fix and it’s got little burners, so we had macaroni and cheese last night.”

Smailes said so far, she’s doing OK. The house is managing to stay cool thanks to some shade. Plus, she still has some utilities.

“Our one daughter was out of power, so there were about five of them that came over to take showers because we have city water, and our hot water tank takes gas, so we always have hot water,” Smailes said.

Smailes relies on AEP for electricity — as does Frontier Power Company, a co-op that serves thousands across Coshocton County and neighboring communities.

Frontier said it will be able to restore electricity to homes once AEP restores the transmission it relies on. Linemen have been working around the clock since Monday’s storm and have at least 30 broken poles to repair.

“Our house is total electric, so we have no lights, we have no refrigeration, we have no water because we have a well and the pump can’t work without the electricity,” said Judith Graham, a Jackson Township resident.

Graham says she’s hoping to go to her camper near Dillon State Park if there is power there.

Both Smailes and Graham hope to see lights back on before the weekend.

“Sooner, like today,” Graham said. “I’m hoping for today but it won’t be. It’s just too much involved.”

Smailes said she has a lunch planned for Sunday and Saturday was her food prep day. She’s hoping for the best.

“I don’t know, we’ll just see,” she said. “We may end up with pizza for Father’s Day, I don’t know.”

Frontier said once the AEP line is restored, the number of outages in its service area will go down.

Frontier customers can track their outages by clicking here.