COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Many kids remember that magical moment when they received their first bicycle, and on Wednesday a group of fifth grade students received their gift of a lifetime.  

“I like the color, and I like how small it was,” describes Javonn Hunt. “I do like pink so, I got a pink bike,” adds La’Niyah Robinson-Pugh, the two students from Woodcrest Elementary picking out their new bikes. 

On Wednesday, dozens of students from Woodcrest Elementary were gifted free bicycles, and for many of them, it was their first. 

“It’s really exciting,” Robinson-Pugh smiles. “We get to ride on the trail, we get to learn about bike safety, and I get to ride my bike in the park of my community.” 

The bikes were a gift from a local non-profit called AWAEY — All the Wonder of Earth and the Cosmos. 

Their mission: to connect students to career training for job by broadening their perspectives through experiences and adventures. 

“I had sort of a tough childhood, and I wanted to work with kids whose parents maybe didn’t have the funds to buy something like bicycles, and maybe give the kids a chance to have some piece in their life,” explains Sharon Washington, the Director of AWEAY. 

The donation was made possible through a partnership with Franklinton Cycle Works. 

“This is the third time we’ve done this, and every time it’s just so great to work with the kids; to get them a bike, to give them fun experience. I just love it,” says Jonathan Youngman, the Founder and Executive Director. 

Youngman refurbishes used bikes to help restore a piece of childhood for those less fortunate. 

“Just enjoying the ride and enjoying have a bike. Some people don’t even have bikes and stuff, so I really appreciate this,” adds Hunt. 

After a safety lesson and a few trips around the parking lot, the students took off on a more than five-mile ride. 

“I think that’s important, safety. Making sure you don’t get hurt or anything while you’re riding, make you know how to ride a bike, switch the gears, make sure you have a helmet on,” Hunt details. 

The students getting a chance to learn about the science of bikes, and the benefits of staying active. 

“Riding a bike is probably the closest thing to like flying, that sensation. Especially when you’re a kid. It feels like you’re flying and the whole world is open up to you,” describes Youngman. 

Franklinton Cycle Works is holding a bicycle donation event on May 21 and May 22 at CAS, located at 2540 Olentangy River Road. 

They accept old or unused bikes that could become a donation for a child someday.