COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Columbus police are searching for a woman accused of shoplifting and punching a store clerk at a supermarket chain that has been targeted frequently in the past year.

Police said that on March 19, an employee stopped a woman at the Meijer in the 5000 block of North Hamilton Road, between Gahanna and New Albany. The woman, suspected of shoplifting, reportedly punched the worker in the face repeatedly before running out of the store while still carrying several items.

The Meijer location has been a frequent target for shoplifting in the past year, with the suspects using varying tactics to steal merchandise. In February, police said a man was suspected of changing prices on items, using self-scan registers to only partially pay his bill, before pushing out carts full of merchandise. In December 2022, police said a man distracted the door greeter and security employee with a conversation while a woman exited the store with stolen items. And in November, four suspects allegedly used a special tool and scanner trick to walk out of a store with over $1,500 in stolen products.

The store has also been victimized by suspected repeat offenders. In January a woman with a distinctive tattoo on her right hand was captured on video leaving the store with multiple carts of store times. She has been accused of several robberies at this location between July and November of 2022.

In another case, a man was accused of continuously stealing from the store and leaving in a silver Honda Civic each time. And twice last April, a trio of women have been accused of teaming up to distract employees while another walked out with unpaid items.

Video surveillance captured photos of the most recent suspect, who Columbus police said would be charged with robbery. They also asked anyone with information to call the Property Crimes Unit at 614-645-2091, email or call Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-461-8477 (TIPS).