COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A woman is being remembered as an incredible mother who did everything she could to help others.

Lelia King, 30, was shot and killed over the weekend when she was caught in the middle of a shooting on Columbus’ east side Saturday night.

Melissa Duross said she and King were best friends, going all the way back to kindergarten.

“We were Bonnie and Clyde, two peas in a pod,” Duross said.

Duross said King had big dreams and friends are going to do everything they can to live those out for King. They’re also asking people who have any information about what happened to report it to the police so the family can find some closure.

Duross said King was courteous, passionate, and generous and cannot understand why this happened to her friend.

“She will always be right here with me and everyone else she loves,” Duross said.

Police said King was in her car by a store near the intersection of East Broad Street and South James Street when she was caught in a shooting involving two groups. At the time of the shooting, Duross said King was at the store to pick up snacks for a movie night with her daughter.

“I just want them to know the family hurts and grieves and I hope they’re remorseful and I hope they can be strong enough or wise enough to make the wise decision and say, ‘Hey, I made a mistake,’ or ‘Hey, I did it,’ and just turn themselves in,” Duross said. “That way, the family can get the closure they need at this point.”

Duross shared pictures of the last time she and King went to the fair together, and that King, a single mother, was getting ready to take her five-year-old daughter again this year. She’s devastated King’s daughter won’t get to create more memories with her mother.

“I just want the world to know my best friend is a light,” Duross said. “She is a queen, she is very very gorgeous, she’s a humble spirit, she was the best mother anybody could ask for.”

Columbus police said they are looking at surveillance video and trying to identify the people involved in the shooting. Police have said the shooting was between two groups of what they said were young men.

“Her daughter asks questions, her daughter is very sad,” Duross said. “She’ll tell you she’s sad. ‘I’m sad my mommy’s gone. Somebody hurt my mommy.’

“Just because her life was taken, her legacy don’t stop,” Duross added. “Her life will continuously go on. Her name will not be in vain. Her name will continue to live on. We will not let her be the end here.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Columbus police at 614-645-4545.