COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A family is hoping for justice as their loved one is fighting for her life.

It’s been about a week since 33-year-old Marissa Jones was shot. Police said it happened as a group of people, mostly teenagers, tried to rob her. Only some of the suspects have been arrested.

Jones’ mother and older sister are spending every moment they can with her in the hospital, saying they’re glad some of the suspects have been caught and want the rest to turn themselves in.

Jones’ smile is what her family is used to seeing every day. Her mother, Yvonne Jones, and older sister, Aleshia Osley, said no matter what is going on, she always finds something to smile about.

“She’ll feed anybody, she’ll clothe anybody, she’ll do anything for anybody,” Osley said.

But now Marissa is in a fight for her life. Her family shared a picture of her in the hospital, showing the pain caused by what they called a senseless crime.

“Justice needs to be served,” said Yvonne Jones. “There are other people in the community as well that need to be protected from these people.”

On Sept. 21 at approximately 2 a.m., Marissa was with a friend getting a few things at a gas station on the 1900 block of Cleveland Avenue. Columbus police said as a group of people tried to rob them, Marissa was shot. The lead detective in the investigation, Det. Jeremy Niederkohr, visited Marissa in the hospital.

“She can’t move, she can’t talk, but I noticed a tear come rolling down her eye,” he said. “That tells me she understood.”

Niederkohr had told her the suspected shooter, 20-year-old Jawara Scott, is in custody. He said a suspect under 18 has also been caught. But three teens – two 16-year-olds and a 17-year-old – were also involved and are still on the loose.

Courtesy Photos/Columbus Division of Police

“You’re not just taking money or taking cars, you’re robbing them of their lives, of their futures, of whatever was supposed to be in their plans,” Osley said.

Osley said her sister loves history and music with plans to become a DJ, plans she still wants to see her sister achieve.

“I know she’s going to try to make the best out of this,” she said. “She’s just the best sister ever. She’s the best.”

All suspects are being charged with felonious assault.

Niederkohr said tips from the community have been helpful in this case and asks anyone with any information to contact the Columbus Police Homicide Unit at (614) 645-4730, Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at (614) 461-TIPS (8477), or email Det. Niederkohr at

Osley has started a GoFundMe for her sister as she recovers.