COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Gas prices are the one place people are seeing some inflation relief at this time but how long is that going to last?

The average gas price for a gallon in central Ohio is around $3.68. That is about 33 cents below the national average of around $4.01. The price of gas in Ohio has dropped around 91 cents in the last month but that doesn’t mean gas will be cheap at every pump you stop at. Some people say they are tired of the pain at the pump.

“I really had to crunch numbers and really figure out how much money I had to spend to get where I needed to go,” Jeramy West said.

Even with the relief, some people are saying the price of gas is still too high for business reasons and personal reasons.

“It’s still too high. It’s way too high. I mean, you celebrate you get happy but why are you happy about 3.80 a gallon? It’s way too high. But I am happier than when it was 5 something,” said Jesse Poole.

NBC4 drove around Columbus Wednesday to check out the price of gas in the area. The highest number we saw was $3.79 and the lowest we found was $3.07 at the Sheetz in Grandview.

AAA spokesperson Kimberly Schwind said the prices at two gas stations right next to each other can be completely different for a number of reasons.

“Where did that gas station get its gasoline? What refinery did it come from? What’s the gas station across the street selling gas for? What’s their overhead costs at that gas station,” Schwind said.

Schwind said the biggest factor is the price of crude oil which has dropped around 30 dollars per barrel last week. She said that number can change at any moment if there is a natural disaster or other global event. So she said when it comes to predicting if gas prices will continue to fall next month, it’s never easy.

“Nobody really has a crystal ball as to where they are going to go. The trend that we are seeing right now is because of concerns of economic slow downs across the globe. We are seeing those crude oil prices fall and so that is giving us some relief at the pump,” Schwind said.

Right now the highest average price of gas in our viewing area is in Athens County, sitting at around 3-dollars and 90 cents a gallon. The highest in the state is near Cincinnati.