COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The Ohio House has passed the state’s $3.5 billion capital budget and awaits the governor’s signature.

Out of it, 12 Franklin County community organizations will each get tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding.

The historic Masonic Lodge on Mount Vernon Avenue has been sitting dormant for four years, but it’s historic value has caused the state to invest $500,000 to restore it.

The building, built in 1926, was most recently used by the King Arts Center up until 2018.

Now a group called the Maroon Arts Group has convinced the state to restore and preserve it. It’ll receive $500,000 in renovations from the new capital budget, which is good for two years.

Ohio Rep. Dontavius Jarrells, who district where the lodge is located, said while they didn’t receive the money they were looking for, he is grateful to see some projects moving ahead and looks forward to more funding on the federal level.

“We have millions of dollars that are coming in from our federal government that’s going to help continue funding community projects and we want to make sure that those dollars help fund families and projects that’s going to serve people,” Jarrells said.

Before the money is officially distributed to each community project, DeWine will have to sign it into law.

Other projects in Columbus receiving funding from the state include the Columbus Symphony Orchestra ($2 million), the Ronald McDonald House ($2.25 million) and the Girl Scouts ($1.5 million).