COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — With single digit temperatures expected over the weekend, plumbing experts say you need to keep your water pipes prepared for the cold weather ahead.

“I’m preparing for it, just because the cold weather as well as the wind is the big things that do come into play,” said Ryan Halla, operations manager for The Waterworks.

Halla says when the temperature drops, and the air becomes frigid cold, frozen pipes can become a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

But he says there’s one issue he sees far too often. “The biggest thing I see people make mistakes on is not reacting when you need to react. Hoping that it will thaw out before there are damages, you don’t get it taken care of now it’s going to cause more issues later,” said Halla.

It’s why he advises people to turn off any outdoor faucets and disconnect hoses that are exposed to cold air.

He also says if your pipes are located close to walls or in unheated basements, then try to keep them as warm as possible. “Get warm air to it, whether stick a fan in front of it, open up cabinets, like I said before eliminate as much of the cold air coming in as possible,” said Halla.

And he says homeowners need to know where the main water shut off valve is in their house, in case a pipe does freeze or burst. Because during this time of year, many people tend to travel, and Halla says if you leave your home unattended in freezing temps, you could come back to a frozen mess.

“My best suggestion is if you don’t have somebody staying in the home, turn your water off. Bleed the pressure off, that is the only thing you can do to prevent something. Something happens your out of town for a week, this time of year, you don’t turn your water off, and all of a sudden we lose power, and you have no heat, you’re going to come home to a mess,” said Halla.