COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – In light of the upcoming election and the hot topic that Issue 1 has become, a west Columbus church is making space to host a town hall for the faith community and people around the city. 

Senior Leader Pastor Brian Williams of Hope City House of Prayer, on El Paso Drive in the Scioto Woods neighborhood, says their goal is to create a safe space for people to learn before casting their votes on November 7th. As an extension of the church of Columbus, he says it’s important for them to learn about important issues and to provide a place of hope, inviting people to feel welcome, no matter their stance. 

Although Issue 1 is a rather controversial topic – he says during the town hall they plan to present the facts, pray with anyone who needs it, and to encourage people to vote how they see fit.

If Issue 1 passes, it would legalize the right to an abortion before the point of fetal viability within the state constitution. While this is a major thing on the ballot, Pastor Brian says they just want people to know what they’re voting for or against come November 7th.

“I personally believe that as people of faith, we need to have a voice in the public square. We need to not only be voters but informed voters and so really the heart behind it is to lay the facts out there and to share what issue one is all about. Obviously, it’s a touchy subject, so we just want to be sure people know what they’re voting for or against,” Williams said. 

The town hall begins at 7 p.m. Tuesday and includes worship, a panel discussion with leaders from around the state, and an opportunity to ask questions.