COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — People going to Field needed their raincoats Sunday night as the Columbus Crew took on their in-state rival, FC Cincinnati.

Even though it’s not the best weather for a game, fans still showed up, with the Arena District getting busier throughout the evening.

While foot traffic in the district wasn’t what it would be before the game during more pleasant weather, fans from both teams made their way to the area closer to game time.

The game was the tenth between Columbus and Cincinnati. The Crew started the game with a 4-2-3 record against their in-state rival.

Fans said the rain wasn’t something that’s going to bother them.

“Weather, to me, has never been a factor if you’re supporting the team, whatever the sport,” said Columbus fan David Condon. “I’ve sat and they’ve sat with me. You’re there to be there for the event and if you got the ticket, you may as well be there.”

“I’ve played the sport for years,” added Crew fan Andrew Condon. “I enjoy playing in the rain. I enjoyed going to the games at Historic Crew (Stadium), never going to miss a game.”

The Crew came away winners, 2-0.